“We would like to introduce you to our boutique of Perfume, which commands a very important niché in the market”.

Bucciardini is exclusive to the zone of Florence and its Province, because many of the brands we have chosen to display are not available in other boutiques.

Perfume of superior quality, precious, elegant, but not invasive, refined. This clearly distinguishes them from the mass, and in turn distinguishes the individual who chooses to indulge, one becomes bewitched.

They have the capacity to enable one to experience wonderful emotions, deep and enchanting, also enabling one to revive experiences of times past. The sensation is similar to being transported through an African desert, a Rainforest, a beautiful Cuban reality, or in a period French livingroom; they have the ability to create in one’s mind the sense of faraway places, and for this reason we call them “Olfactory experiences”, “sensational journeys”.

The person who creates a niché Perfume is a genius, he has to be seen as an artist, a painter or sculptor, because with natural row materials he is given inspiration from his own emotions and thus able to create a work of art unrepeatable, unique.

In the Renaissance Period, Florence was one of the most important city in Italy for the Perfume, loved by noble ladies such as Caterina dei Medici; not everyone realizes that after her marriage to the King of France she took the notion and the culture of it to France with her personal perfumer “Renato il Fiorentino”; he opened the first boutique of the Perfume, immediately successful in Elite society.