What are the olfactive journeys?

The olfactive journeys are unique, innovative and involving experiences that invite the guest to explore unexpected, deep emotions, through the magical world of perfume.

What will the perceptions of the guest be?
  • Emotional involvement.
  • Stimulation of past memories and fantasy.
  • The opportunity to travel back in time.
  • A voyage with the power of one’s mind through the senses of smell, sight, touch, hearing and heart.
  • Perceptions of a sensory universe, totally unknown.

In the case of the olfactive journeys in the castles, the emotions of the guest will be further enchanted by music of Eras past, dances of dames and much more, this will form part of a superb spectacular which will have a character evocative and historical;

Of all the olfactive journeys offered in Bucciadini parlour, only the experience dedicated to "Tuscany Gardens" will surround the guest with an evocative and historical atmosphere, similar to that presented in the castle.

How will they run?

We will start leading the guest in the magical world of perfume, stimulating the participation, the memories and emotions, through the exclusive raw materials of an extraordinary and excellent quality, derived from the French company of extraction which is the best in the world.

They are used for the creation of unique and high level works of art.

For each raw material discovered, the guest will learn how they were used in Eras Past, through enchanting tales, mythological stories and rare historical information; Everything that is necessary to know and to understand intimately this magical universe.

Bucciardini’s olfactive journeys, unique in their typology are perfect for individuals or couples that desire once more to experience an unforgettable emotion, also suitable for small groups or on the occasion of memorable events, weddings etc..

Luxury Olfactory Journeys


Olfactory Journeys in the boutique of Perfumes


Have you ever thought of the possibility of travelling with ones sense of smell?

To travel without travelling...

Olfactory journeys that Bucciardini is proud to offer are exclusive and rare to find.

Olfactory exploration constitute an innovative and encapsulating experience.
It is a method that facilitates the active participation of the guests enabling them to enter and to move within the magical and mystic world of perfume, and to relive the memories that at this time have been forgotten; associating words, colours and odours, with personal emotions, with no limits through the incredible power of perfume, crossing the mysterious streets of our minds; all this is thanks also to an extraordinary possibility, to see but more importanly with ones sense of smell to experience the precious and authentic raw materials that are the prodigious ingredients used for the creation of a perfume of art, owing to the excellence of the perfume. They are derived directly from the French companies of extraction, in fact from the best companies in the world.

Further to this the guest will be enchanted by the tales of the times past...

Some of these olfactive journeys proposed by us will be led by the most professional Italian person (also her colleague who has the same experience) with whom Bucciardini specialized for the competence necessary in this sector.
This lady has many years of immense leadership experience in the world of perfume. Today she is the owner of the leading olfactory training company of Italy and she collaborates with the best International company in this sector which is in France.

Love and Courting in Florentine courts will be led directly by Bucciardini.
The experiences will take place in some of the most important Medieval Castles in Tuscany, acquired in exclusivity, or in the Bucciardini boutique and performed in complete privacy.

The guests who choose to live the experience of an olfactory journey in a castle will be transported in a world made up of evocative images where all of the senses are stimulated. Together with the power of perfume they will see, they will hear, they will smell: sounds, dances, essences, held in a superb spectacular which will have a character evocative and historical, where the fascination of all elements possible within the world of perfume will be emphasized to the highest level and made visible to all the senses contained within ones body.
This magical experience will be possible thanks to the wise fusion, accomplicity, fine tuning, and alchemy that will be created among the guests, professionists of this sector, theatrical actors, masters in the art of theatre representation.


                                                          AND YOU WILL BE THE PROTAGONIST!

Scenographies and choreographies, will be recreated purposely with authentic furniture according to the theme.

"Cradle of the Renaissance",

The city achieved its greatest moment in this historical period,
thanks to the concentration of brilliant personalities like

Filippo Brunelleschi and Leon Battista Alberti in architecture;
Masaccio, Filippo Lippi and Botticelli in painting;
Donatello, Ghiberti, Luca della Robbia in sculpture,
at the height of which were the two great talents of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo

The centre of Florence holds a huge number of masterpieces which makes it difficult to separate the city from the works of art.

Since 1982 it has been a UNESCU World Heritage Site.

Wonderful churches, museums, art collections, historical gardens, Squares, ancient palaces; real open air museums

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